Qualifiers for the Central American and Caribbean Games 2018 (Women)

Kingston, Jamaica

 Bermuda,  Guatemala,  Guyana,  Jamaica,  Panama,  Puerto Rico

The 2 Finalists qualify for the 2018 CAC Games Hockey, Barranquilla, Colombia.

Team Rosters should be uploaded to the FIH TMS no later than October 22.
Please contact Paula Jenkins for additional information.

Schedule and Results

# Info Time Teams Score Status Match Sheet
5 November 2017
1 Round-Robin 12:30pm Guyana GUY – PAN Panama Upcoming
2 Round-Robin 2:30pm Bermuda BER – PUR Puerto Rico Upcoming
3 Round-Robin 4:30pm Jamaica JAM – GUA Guatemala Upcoming
6 November 2017
4 Round-Robin 12:30pm Guyana GUY – PUR Puerto Rico Upcoming
5 Round-Robin 2:30pm Bermuda BER – GUA Guatemala Upcoming
6 Round-Robin 4:30pm Panama PAN – JAM Jamaica Upcoming
8 November 2017
7 Round-Robin 8:30am Panama PAN – BER Bermuda Upcoming
8 Round-Robin 10:30am Guatemala GUA – PUR Puerto Rico Upcoming
9 Round-Robin 12:30pm Jamaica JAM – GUY Guyana Upcoming
9 November 2017
10 Round-Robin 8:30am Guatemala GUA – PAN Panama Upcoming
11 Round-Robin 10:30am Bermuda BER – GUY Guyana Upcoming
12 Round-Robin 12:30pm Puerto Rico PUR – JAM Jamaica Upcoming
11 November 2017
13 Round-Robin 8:00am Guyana GUY – GUA Guatemala Upcoming
14 Round-Robin 10:00am Puerto Rico PUR – PAN Panama Upcoming
15 Round-Robin 12:00pm Jamaica JAM – BER Bermuda Upcoming
12 November 2017
16 5th-6th place 8:00am 5th Round-Robin – 6th Round-Robin Upcoming
17 3rd-4th place 10:15am 3rd Round-Robin – 4th Round-Robin Upcoming
18 Final 2:45pm 1st Round-Robin – 2nd Round-Robin Upcoming
1) The times noted are estimates and subject to local conditions and are therefore adjustable prior to finalisation.
2) Subject to the approval of the PAHF Representative and Tournament Director, any match(es) may be rescheduled to accommodate unforseen events as per Tournament Regulations.
3) Subject to upgraded lighting the match times may be varied to start later in the afternoon.
4) Schedule as of 26 July 2017 Approved by FIH.
5) Round Robin Pools were based on FIH Outdoor Rankings dated April 2017.