Who We Are


To build a fundamental competitive & fun framework that will facilitate the Development of Field Hockey across Jamaica that sustains success at the local, regional and international levels.


To provide the effective management and resources for players and officials and veterans to participate in organized hockey competitions at the local and international levels, including the Caribbean tournaments, Central America & Caribbean Games (C.A.C), Pan American Games and Olympics.

Board of Directors

Mr. Fabian Stewart

Mr. Fabian Stewart was introduced to Field Hockey in 1983 and served across a broad spectrum of the sport. Professionally, Mr. Stewart has more than eighteen (18) years’ experience at the senior level in business development and operational management. His career spanned engagements at JAMPRO; the High Commission of Canada; FIMI Investment Jamaica Ltd (FIMI Group); ASAPH Promotion and Distribution Ltd and private consultancies.

An avid sports enthusiast, Mr. Stewart was a national junior and senior field hockey representative, as well as, a coach serving at the national, club and college levels. Mr. Stewart is a past student of Kingston College where he holds the distinction of few people to have represented the senior national team while at High School. Over his playing and coaching career Mr. Stewart has obtained several awards, such as, Most Valuable Player (MVP), Most Outstanding Player (MOP) and leading goal scorer from several local leagues and tournaments. He has also received awards for excellence and outstanding performances in field hockey from Kingston College and the University of the West Indies. He was the UWI Sports Man of the Year 1994; UWI Games Committee Chairman and Captain for the successful Mona Contingent to St. Augustine Inter Campus Games (T&T). Mr. Stewart was a Co-founder of the Revolution Hockey Club and the PHAT THURSDAYZ Fraternity; and Captain of the Jamaica senior national team to the C.A.C Championships in Caracas Venezuela in 1998. Mr. Stewart also served on the coaching staff (1996 – 99) of the Jamaica Women’s National Hockey Team and served as Player/ Coach for KCOB; Revolution; and the UWI.
He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography with Economics from the University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica and a Master’s degree in Business Administration in Finance from Manchester Business School, UK. He has a keen interest in socio-economics, business, as well as, global affairs. Mr. Stewart is married to Rose Lemonius-Stewart and has one child, Diallo Stewart.

Mr. Dave Lemard

Mr. Dave Lemard has more than twenty five (25) years’ experience at the senior level in Engineering and Manufacturing. His career spanned engagements at Red Stripe; Kraft Foods JA; Deryck . A. Gibson Ltd and Salada Foods.

An avid sports enthusiast, Mr. Lemard represented KC at the Under 13 level in football and cricket before being introduced to hockey by then coach Stratton Palmer while in 2nd form (Grade 8). The love affair with the sport grew to the point where he represented KC in only hockey for the remainder of his high school years. Lemo as he’s affectionately called, has represented both UECTH and UWI at the collegiate level, Rovers, Outcast, KCOB & Explorers at the national club level, and has represented Jamaica at both the junior and senior level. Mr. Lemard also served on the coaching / management staff of both the Jamaica Women’s National Hockey Team and Jamaica Men’s National Hockey Team and administratively as the Honorary Treasurer of the Jamaica Hockey Federation.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of the Technology, a Master’s degree in Business Administration in Operations from Nova Southeastern University, USA and Master’s of Science degree in Management Information Systems from the University of the West Indies, Mona. Mr. Lemard is married to Sheryl, a Chartered Accountant and has two daughters, Shari and Ashley.

Dr Carlton Campbell

Dr Carlton Campbell is the Managing Director and Owner of C. L. Environmental Co. Ltd., one of the leading Environmental Consultancy firms in Jamaica. He has over twenty-two years’ experience as an Environmental Consultant.

He attended Munro College where he represented the school in football (up to Dacosta Cup level), track and field (Western Champs , Boys Champs and Penn Relays) and hockey (Henriques Shield). Dr Campbell was introduced to hockey in 1986 and by 1987 was the leading goal scorer for the Henriques Shield competition.

Dr Campbell represented the University of the West Indies Mona Campus, at hockey, football and track and field. He was the Guild of Undergraduates Sports Chairman for two years and was awarded the U.W.I Sportsman of Excellence in 1993. He also was awarded with the Outstanding Student Lion Award, Chancellor Hall, U.W.I. (1991).

He is the past President of the Munro College Old Boys Hockey Club, past Executive Member, Munro College Old Boys Association, a past Member of the Competitions and Fixtures Committee for the Jamaica Hockey Federation and a past organizing member of the “Fun at the Turf” tournament. He was a founding member and captain of the Revolution Hockey Club and is a member of the PHAT THURSDAYZ Fraternity.

Dr Campbell holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Biology from the University of the West Indies and a Masters of Philosophy in Water Quality from the University of the West Indies.

Michelle Thomas

Epitomizing a strong black woman etched in creativity and diversity is Michelle Thomas. She is an Attorney-at- Law at Errol Gentles & Associates and a Youth Advocate. Her journey in Hockey started at the High School Level as member of the St. Andrew High hockey team from 2006-2010. At the university level she played on the UWI/MONA team and thereafter joined the Cave Hill Black Birds Hockey team in Barbados. Today she is a member of the St. Andrew Hockey Club where she assists with any legal affairs and other matters from time to time. Michelle Thomas is passionate about the constitutional reformation of the Jamaica Hockey Federation Constitution; she has started the process of scrutinising the lacunas and has presented to the current president her suggestions.

Michelle Thomas is a social engineer for community and national development. She spends her time using her professional, technical and soft skills to become engaged in a myriad of voluntary activities and community based projects geared towards uplifting young people to advance their outlook on life and achieve greatness. Her dynamic background and dedication to youth development has afforded her the opportunity to represent the Jamaican youth along local and international lines. Notably, she serves as the Governor General I Believe Ambassador, Special Projects Co-ordinator at EducaTours Jamaica, Legal Advisor on the Jamaica Youth Advisory Council, the Director of Culture at Jamaica Youth Empowerment through Culture, Arts and Nationalism (JAYECAN), UNAOC Global Youth Forum Alumni, an avid motivational speaker and social entrepreneur. She is also a past Cultural Ambassador for Jamaica. Recently, she was appointed Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassador and awarded as Commonwealth Youth Worker for 2016. These current and past experiences in leadership have personified the woman she is. A woman of purpose and passion, committed to task of building the Caribbean region through economic and social enterprises.

It was John F Kennedy who said “ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” This is a mantra that I live by.

Richard Wisdom

Vice President (Male)

Patrice Clarke

Vice President (Female)

Denise Wisdom

Hon. Secretary

Immediate Past President

Victor Tomlinson


Facilities, Equipment & Grounds

Donovan Betancourt
Carlton Campbell
Audrey Gaynor
Valerie Hall (Chairman)
Glen Patrick
Stephen Spence
Orville McTaggart

Umpiring & Technical

Audrey Gaynor (Chairman)
Duvaughn Henlon
Valerie Hall (Technical)
Erica May
Richard Shaw (Technical)
Kamille Griffiths
Oraine Reid (Technical)
Jerome Davis
Kemar Mitchell

Public Relations & Marketing

Lloyd Butler
Renardo Brown
Sereana Dunkley
Kareme Hudson
Jonte Johnson
Damion Kelly
Monique Lalor
Lorna Livingston
Melisha Murray
Ricardo Panton
Stephen Spence (Chairman)
Simon Tomlinson
Dinsdale Laing

Disciplinary Committee

Malike Kellier
Peter Marshall
Michelle Thomas
Major Radcliffe Barrett
Denise Forrest

Competitions & Fixture (m)

Oshane Hasley
Rudolfo Johnston
Kemar Mitchell
Ricardo Panton
Richard Shaw
Damion Kelly (Chairman)
Richard Wisdom
Radcliffe Barrett
Adrian Cross

Competitions & Fixture (w)

Patrice Clarke
Tashshieka Green
Kamille Griffiths
Andrea Thomas (Chairman)
Michael Blair*

Youth & Schools

Ms. Patricia Castriota (Chairman)
Dinsdale Laing
Stephanie Adams
Monique Lalor
Kamille Griffiths
Rudolfo Johnson
Erica May


Dave Lemard
Monique French (Chairman)
Gary-Vaughn White
Colin Prince
Edward Wilson
Nadia Smith

Coaching and Development Committee (Men)

Donald James
Roy Thomas
Eton Knight
Kemar Mitchell
Ochane Haseley
Fabian Stewart
Richard Wisdom
Nicholas Brown

Coaching and Development Committee (Women)

Andrea Hoo Thomas (Chairman)
Donna Mae Crawford
Micheal Daley
Michelle Holt
Patrice Clarke
Fabian Stewart
Kimberly Shaw
Chakira Airey
Christine Bartley